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Wedding Ideas You Will Fall For...

Wedding Ideas You Will Fall For...

Happy First Day of Fall! 

We are still experiencing high temperatures here in California; however, it doesn't stop us from falling in love with FALL wedding ideas!  Fall is just around the corner and all the lovely fall wedding colors are in full bloom.  Expect to see reds and oranges, shades of green, gold and browns.  Keep scrolling for dreamy, rustic, and whimsical fall wedding inspirations we constantly fall in love with during this time of year.  After all, they do say it is the perfect season for nuptials!


Wedding attire

Deep jewel tones, sparkling metallics, and burgundy bridesmaid dresses are lovely options for a seasonly inspired look.  For the bride, long lace sleeves are a beautiful touch.  As for the groom, let him get creative as well.  Burgundy suit anyone?


Bouquets, Flowers, and Decor

 A huge pro to fall weddings is the abundance of foliage.  We are seeing a lot of sunflowers, calla lilies, bouquet ribbons, pampas grass, and even dried flowers.  All the seasonal floral elements can easily be incorporated into your ceremony and reception decor.


Cake and Desserts

Transform a neutral white multi-tiered cake into a season homage to fall.  Cascading fall blooms or seasonal berries will do the trick.  Chocolate is always a fan favorite, but add a few mini pecan, apple or pumpkin pies to your dessert display and viola!  You perfected your fall wedding treats.


Timeless details and PRETTY shoes

Whether you're a vintage, modern elegance, or minimalist bride don't skimp on the details that matter to you.  This can be anything from meaningful jewelry, stylish hairpiece, and/or pretty shoes.  



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