Pretty in Pink: A Leap Year Adventure in Style!

Pretty in Pink: A Leap Year Adventure in Style! (Because Extra Days Call for Extra Cute Shoes)


Hey there, style-savvy families! Guess what? 2024 is a leap year, which means we've been gifted an extra day to strut our stuff. And what better way to celebrate than by diving into our ocean of pink shoes? They're perfect for your little trendsetter and are guaranteed to be loved by all!

Leap Year Fashion - Pink Shoes Galore

Truth be told, we can't get enough of the color pink.  The month of February brings a kaleidoscope of pinks - from bubblegum to hot pink, all ready to party on your kiddo’s feet. Our collection is like a box of glittery, satin-y, and oh-so-chic chocolates – there's something for everyone! And for those mini divas in training? We’ve got tiny heels that scream ‘fabulous’ but whisper ‘comfortable.

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Perfect Pairings: Outfits and Shoes

Let’s play dress-up! How about pairing those sparkly pink pumps with a twirl-worthy skirt for a look that says, "I'm here to party"?  Or maybe a satin flat with a cute sundress for those "I'm adorable, and I know it" vibes.  Remember, in the world of kiddie fashion, more is more!

Styles featured (from left to right): Harper with ballerina lace-up, Harper, Ridley, and Maddy with butterfly brooch

Accessorize in Style

But wait, there’s more! Top off that perfect outfit with our adorable hair accessories and bags. Think glittery bows and bags that are silky and soft. It's like the cherry on top of the fashion sundae!


Featured style: Tuxedo Tulle Bow, Cleo Pearl Satin Mini Pouch, Rock Glitter Bow

The Leap Year Style Challenge

Calling all mini fashionistas! Join our Leap Year Style Challenge. Mix, match, and share your kiddo’s leap year look on social media. Tag us, and let’s make this leap year the most stylish one yet. Who knows, your little one might just become a tiny trendsetter!


Leap Year Crafts

Time for some leap year fun! Get crafty with some DIY frog crowns – because leap year without frogs is like peanut butter without jelly.  Download your copy here.


Ready to leap into style? Hop on over to our website to snag those perfect pink pieces.  And don’t forget to share your leap year shenanigans with us.  Let’s make this bonus day count – in the most fabulous way possible!