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Sipping on Style: Champagne-Colored Shoes for Your Entire Wedding Crew

Sipping on Style: Champagne-Colored Shoes for Your Entire Wedding Crew


Champagne Shoes

Incorporating the color champagne into various shoe styles for the entire wedding party can add an elegant and cohesive touch to your special day. There are numerous creative ways to infuse this sophisticated hue.  From the bride's footwear to the bridesmaids' and even the adorable flower girl's shoes. Here are some ideas to help you showcase the versatility and charm of champagne-colored shoes throughout your wedding:

For the Bride:

  • Classic Elegance: Opt for champagne-hued stilettos or pointy-toed heels, embellished with delicate pearls or intricate rhinestone details, to complement the bridal gown.
The DEMI collection
Demi Collection
The BELL collection
Bell Collection
  • Vintage Glamour: Consider vintage-inspired pumps with champagne accents for a timeless and sophisticated look. Incorporating lace details is another way to tie in vintage glamour.
Champagne Low Heels
Styles featured: Haylee, Vanita RG and Vanita
  • Romantic Flair: Choose ballet flats or low heels with champagne satin and subtle floral detailing for a touch of romance and comfort during the ceremony and reception.
Styles featured: Farah, Cassie, and Bella

    For the Bridesmaids:

    • Strappy Sandals: Select champagne-hued sandals with delicate straps for a dainty and airy feel that will complement various dress styles and colors.
    The NAOMI collection
    Naomi Collection
      • Chic Flats: Opt for ballet flats or dainty sandals for a comfortable yet elegant look that your bridesmaids can enjoy throughout the day.
      The BELLA collection
      Bella Collection
        • Stylish Heels: Consider champagne-colored heels with embellishments such as pearls or crystals to add a touch of glamour while ensuring comfort for a long day of celebration.
        The FARAH collection
        Farah Collection

            For the Flower Girls:

              • Adorable Ballet Flats: Dress the flower girls in charming champagne ballet flats adorned with ribbons or floral accents to add a whimsical and adorable touch to their ensemble.
              The HARPER collection
              Harper Collection
                • Sweet Mary Janes: Consider sweet and delicate Mary Janes in champagne hues to match their dresses and add a touch of innocence and grace to their look.
                The FREEMAN collection
                Freeman Collection

                    Now that you've discovered various ways to incorporate champagne hues into your wedding shoe ensemble, take the next step in bringing your vision to life. Explore our exclusive collection of champagne footwear, crafted to ensure comfort, style, and sophistication for every member of your wedding party. Let us help you make every step down the aisle a graceful and memorable one.

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