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Step Up Your Wedding Day: Customize Your Shoes for that Personal Touch!

Step Up Your Wedding Day: Customize Your Shoes for that Personal Touch!

Hey gorgeous future brides! 👰✨

Ever thought your wedding shoes could be as unique as your love story?  Well, buckle up (or should we say lace up?), because we’re about to make your shoe dreams come true!  Let’s get into how you can jazz up your bridal shoes for your big day.

Satin & Pearl Magic:

Forget plain Jane; let’s talk glam Jane!  No more boring ankle straps—our satin and pearl wraps turn any shoe into a masterpiece.  Are you a pearl girl or a satin siren? Either way, we’ve got you...and your feet!  These wraps are perfect for adding that royal touch without wearing a crown (though we support crowns too!).

Bling It On!

Who doesn’t love a little—or a lot—of sparkle?  Add pearls or rhinestone brooch appliqués to your shoes to make a touch of shimmer down the aisle. They’re your ‘I do’ shoes, so let’s make them worthy of that spotlight!

Style: Evelyn collection featured in various pearl placement options

Style: Bella collection with customization options 

Initials, Darling!

And here’s where it gets really fun.  Adding your new initials isn’t just about marking territory (though we totally get it). Add them to your clutch, your belt, heck, even your groom if he’s game!  It’s about creating something uniquely yours.  

Style Evelyn & Whitney

Styling Tips for the Trendy Bride

Pairing your blinged-out shoes with your gown should feel like finding the last piece of a puzzle.  If your dress says ‘simplistic elegance’, let your shoes say ‘but still sassy’.  Or if you're in the mood to add some pop of color, show it in your shoes.  It’s all about creating a balanced look! 

So, what do you say?  Ready to make those shoes as unique as your wedding day? Drop us a line, or better yet, let’s chat!  We love dreaming up the perfect pair of shoes that feel just right for your big day.

Can’t wait to start this fabulously fun shoe journey with you!





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