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Wedding Shoes 101 - What to do and not what to do

Wedding Shoes 101 - What to do and not what to do

Bridal Heels
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Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day

Choosing the right pair of wedding shoes can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for beautiful, classic, or trendy styles, there are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when choosing the perfect shoes for your special day. From considering comfort and style to making sure they match the rest of your outfit, these tips will ensure you find the best wedding shoes to complete your look. 

Do: Find Your Dress First
Even if you have an idea of what wedding shoe you’re looking for, it’s best to find your wedding dress first. This way, your shoes match the dress perfectly. Your wedding shoes should match or go with all the details of your gown including its color, style, and embellishments. The length of your wedding dress should also be taken into consideration. If you go for a shorter dress, your shoes can become the focal point, so why not jazz them up with some statement pieces? You could add some sparkle, color or modern flair to create an unforgettable look. On the other hand, if you're wearing a full-length wedding dress, it'll cover up whatever shoes you pick so that may be your deciding factor in terms of style and heel height.

Featured:  Style Twila-Lace
Featured: Style Vivi

Don’t: Skimp On Comfort
When it comes to choosing the perfect shoes for your wedding, comfort and posture are key. With so many choices out there, it's important to make sure that you prioritize shoes that will provide support and help you maintain good posture throughout the big day. If you feel good in heels, wear 'em!  And if flats are more your thing - stick with it!  By investing in comfortable and supportive shoes, you can ensure that your feet won't be aching by the end of the night!

 Pearl Wedding Shoes 
Featured:  Style Sally with mini pearls
Featured: Style Bella with pearl ankle strap 

Do: Wear Them and Break Them In
Take the time to break your shoes in properly. Break them in as soon as you get them, to make sure they’re really “the one.” Wear them around the house several times before the wedding, standing and walking as often as possible. If there are any issues, you can address them beforehand so that they are good and ready for your big day.

Pearl Wedding Shoes 

Featured: Style Eva

Don’t: Be Afraid of Color

There’s no rule against brides straying from the traditional white or ivory wedding shoes - just make sure the color will complement your dress. Our all time favorite here is the injection of blue shoes. It’s the perfect way to incorporate something blue on the big day and keep another tradition going.

Featured:  Style Bell
Featured: Style Nora

Do: Keep Your Venue in Mind
Your choices of bridal shoes may depend on where the wedding is going to be held. It could be a church, a ballroom, a barn or somewhere outdoors. With so much walking and dancing involved on your special day, make sure your chosen shoes can keep up with you. Outdoor wedding locations, such as the beach, a garden with a grass lawn, or other terrains call for certain styles and heel heights. Ultimately, your venue will influence your decision.


Featured: Style Kate

Don’t: Forget to Bring a Backup
Even the most comfortable shoes can’t be worn all day. By the end of your wedding - after the ceremony, the pictures, and the dancing - slip into sneakers or flats. Grab the old faithful from your closet, or use this as an excuse to buy another pair of shoes!

Featured:  Style Whitney
Featured:  Style Evelyn
Lastly, DO have fun shopping for wedding shoes, but DON’T be in a hurry to pick something or wait till the last second to get them. Finding the perfect wedding shoe requires time and preparation, but once you have them on your feet, it will all be worth it!
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