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Wild and Whimsy Foundation


The Wild and Whimsy Foundation exists to raise awareness, provide resources, and restore childhood magic to children living in and youth aging out of the foster care system.

The idea was ignited in the heart of Ryam Teran shortly after she and her husband began the process of fostering-to-adopt their daughter.  In December of 2018, after a conversation Ryam had with her daughter about the dress she wore the day she was adopted and how every little girl deserves the “magic” of a special dress, the very first W&W Foundation initiative was born and resulted in the donation of over 75 Christmas dresses to little girls through a local foster family agency.

We want to ensure every foster child is seen, heard, valued and given a healthy home; where they are provided with the childhood they deserve and the dignity, opportunities and resources they need to become flourishing members of society.




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