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6 Reasons to Love our Lace Flats

6 Reasons to Love our Lace Flats

It’s officially summer time and wedding season is in full effect, at least it's supposed to be.  However, due to Covid-19, weddings may look a little different.  A lot of uncertainty, but, some of you may feel or want to bring some normalcy, so you move forward with some wedding planning.  If you already said yes to the dress then finding the right shoes is your next step. Lucky for you, we have the perfect shoes for your magical day. 

Of course we love all our wedding shoes equally, but the most buzzed about pair amongst our loyal customers would be the crochet lace flats.  This beautiful, classic shoes is very versatile and is designed to meet every bride's needs. 

Lace Wedding Shoes

Reason #1, to start off, the intricate lace detailing on our flats really sets them apart from all other wedding shoes. It oozes class and elegance without being too over the top.  Whether minimal, vintage or southern classic is your vibe, the lace flats were designed with all brides in mind. 

Reason #2, all brides want to be comfortable. There are so many horror stories of women with most photo worthy shoes, but secretly can’t bare to walk another step towards the end of the night. While nobody will blame a barefoot bride, luckily the lace flats will be comfortable whether you're wearing them for a couple of hours or till the last dance!

Reasons #3, the best feature of the lace flats are the ankle straps...they come in 3 different styles!  One option is classic and traditional and beautiful for anyone and can be adjusted to fit your ankle just right.


Reason #4, if your wedding is classic or rustic, then the pearl strap with vintage inspired applique options are just for you. Pearls are always a nice touch of elegance.


Reason #5, for a soft feminine touch, the sheer ballerina lace strap is beautiful. It can be fun to play around and lace it up in different ways. Our satin ballerina straps also work the same but the texture and sheen can add a bit of sexiness to any wedding dress.


Lastly, one of the perks of buying these beautifully made flats is that they are affordable. We designed our shoes with a bride’s needs in mind, and we know what brides have on their minds is the budget! So the lace flats are the perfect balance of style, comfort and affordability.  I mean you're a bride-to-be and you deserve nothing but the best.   

As always, if you have questions, our team will be available to help answer!


Cheers to you!  

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