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Celebrating (birthdays) in an Uncertain Time

Celebrating (birthdays) in an Uncertain Time

It’s almost the end of May and most of us are still in quarantine! We have now become accustomed to digital ways of keeping in touch with friends and family, whether we like it or not.  But when it comes to celebrating birthdays or special occasions in shelter-at-home mode, a lot more creativity is required.

Do you have a little one celebrating a birthday soon? Are racking your brain trying to come up with ideas on how to celebrate your kiddos on their special day?  If so, then this post is for you! 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for throwing the perfect and memorable socially-distanced birthday for your kiddo.

1.  Plan a birthday car parade. It can be as casual as sending a group text to friends and your local moms group with a day and street address, or as planned as a presidential parade complete with an organized convoy of smiling faces and balloons galore.  Its novel creates noise and excitement....all the things kids love!  It’s important to let everyone involved know the parade will abide by all social distancing rules - drive slow and remain inside vehicles at all times. Encourage them to make signs or have some confetti to throw. On the day of the parade, grab a princess chair, make a cake and head outside with your little ones to enjoy the parade of love! Now don’t forget to pull your camera out, and record the joy that inevitable ensues.  

Birthday Parade          Photo credit:  Medina Facebook

2.  Large yard signs have become increasingly popular, especially during the quarantine.  Depending on your designs, it is a grand gesture that will sure impress your kiddos, and really anyone who walks by! There are various companies out there that make yard signs catered to special days.  But if you're on a smaller budget, make the signs yourself.  They are life size, so pull out your craft box and think BIG!  It also makes for a great photo op to commemorate the special day!  Once the surprise is over, no need to take those signs down let them stay all week. Let the entire neighborhood know you still have a reason to celebrate during a pandemic.  

Birthday Yard Sign          Photo credit:  Mimi Event Coordinator

3.  Plan a scavenger hunt to find hidden gifts and greetings from friends and family.  It requires the birthday girl to get dressed up (perhaps in her new Kailee P’s) to go on a drive, which is a treat in itself, so get the neighborhood and family/friends across town involved.  Encourage loved ones to write birthday messages across their windows, doors and hide treats on the lawn. They can even get involved with clues, or sing happy birthday from behind the glass.

4.  And if all else seems too much, a virtual birthday party is basically the new way of why not!  Make it fun and come up with game ideas to play as a group ie. Charades, Karaoke, or even a dance off.  The House Party app is also a good group platform and comes with games built in! 


We all look forward to birthdays! And if it happens to fall during a pandemic, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate.  In fact, surviving a crisis is more reason to party!  A celebration is not defined by people or location, it is simply acknowledging hope, love, family, and all the good things in life, despite the bad.

Be safe and healthy!



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