How to Change Wedding Plans During a Pandemic

One of the best things about being a bride is the privilege of planning the perfect celebration you’ve been dreaming about since you were 10 years old.  The flowers, the venue, the dress, the ambiance….the works! So you dream, and you plan and you probably plan some more until you finally nail down all those perfect wedding details. Your first and most important choice is the date. Spring weddings are the best, “they” say...when the flowers are blooming and the weather is mild.

 Well fast forward to Spring (of 2020, that is), and the world has been set to pause. This news means a change of plans for all weddings for the foreseeable future.  This isn’t what you dreamed of, and your head might be spinning in so many directions with no real solutions. But have no fear, bride-to-be’s! Where there is a will (to marry), there is a way!  Here are some tips and ideas on making your big day memorable, in spite of Covid-19.


 If you want to reschedule....

First, speak with your venue and see if they will offer a new date. This isn’t exactly what you wanted, but keeping yourself and everyone healthy is a priority. Don’t forget that you do have options, and your team of vendors should understand the current situation and will be there to guide you through the process of postponing your event.  Call the florist, caterers, cake lady and any other vendors you hired to inform them of new dates.  

If they cannot or unwilling to reschedule, prepare yourself to review the cancellation policy.  Most vendors should be willing to honor a no charge cancellation. It is a pandemic after all! 

If your family and friends were already planning on traveling for your big day, have them contact the airline to rebook new dates. The airlines are offering all sorts of incentives right now. 

Now take a deep breath, because you got this! Your wedding will be wonderful at the right time!


If you want to cancel...

First, we are so sorry this is happening to you!  Cancelling your BIG day probably puts knots in your stomach, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You still have options! 

Zoom wedding, anyone? Yes, I said it! A virtual wedding could be the best thing right now. You simply have to host a video conference within a video platform (like Zoom or MS Team) that allows large parties. You can have a friend who is ordained, or a minister marry you virtually.  I mean, talk about a modern wedding! This video wedding can be whatever you’d like it to be. You can dress up, or get married in your pajamas (while wearing your Kailee P shoes, of course!). You could even play some music and have your first dance as a married couple for all the world to see on IG LIVE. The options are endless.

If an intimate wedding is more your style, opt for an elopement style nuptials with just the two of you, a friend to marry you and a photographer to take the most amazing photos!  No need to worry about a venue and the commotion of inviting guests. Head to a courthouse (if it opens) or find a romantic spot like the steps of an old library a lá Carrie Bradshaw to say “I do” and ham it up for the most epic shots to share with family and friends later.  

If you were really looking forward to the party, no need to stress! A party can take place at any time!  And when better to celebrate than when you and your new husband have survived a pandemic!

The key to planning the wedding of your dreams during or post COVID19 is to have an open mind!   Remind yourself that this isn’t forever, but your marriage will be! A wedding is a rite of passage and it can happen anywhere and at any time. It may not look like what you envisioned, but it might even be better! 

Whatever you decide, here is a checklist to guide your process. 



Be Safe and Stay Healthy!