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How To Shop For The Perfect Pair!

How To Shop For The Perfect Pair!

It’s official you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams! Your next to-do is to find the perfect shoes to complete the look. Many will agree wedding shoes are just as important as your dress. There is a reason why bride’s shoes are on the top of the photography “shoot list”.  THE shoes can provide a certain flare that gives a glimpse of the bride’s personal style.  Something bold (like red) for the modern fashionista, or something beige and blue for the ones who love tradition and classic elegance.  This is an oh-so important detail!

If you’re looking to find that perfect pair, keep reading! 

To buy the shoe or not to buy seems like an easy question. However, finding the right shoes definitely goes beyond that. We are breaking down all the things to consider when it comes to finding the perfect shoes to match the dress and the bride.  


Pre-Pandemic finding the right shoes was as easy as driving to your favorite store. These days a safer route to definitely buy everything online. Buying online can have its perks with selection and convenience, but timing plays a big factor. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 2-3 weeks for shipping just to be on the safe side. The goal is to have your shoes in time for your dress fitting to ensure proper fit and height.  


Style and aesthetic

These are another big factors. Are you opting for a shoe that will be a subtle compliment to your dress, or are you going big and bold? The options are endless from bright, to embellished, to satin, or glitter.  Similar to finding a partner or a wedding dress, when you find the right one, you just simply know! But it helps to try on different styles, colors and brands to narrow down your favorites. And you never know, something that is just right might surprise you!



Many brides also consider comfort. Are you a high heel gal, or a ballerina flats lover? Whichever you are, make sure you find something that you can at least walk down the aisle in. If you plan to wear a pair of heels at the ceremony, you may want to consider having flats on hand for when the dance party starts. You want to look and feel you best while channeling your inner Cinderella, without the blisters!



Cost is also something to consider when searching for the right shoe. If you are a budget babe, you might rather splurge on photography than shoes. Fortunately, with many small shoe retailers (like us!), you never have to sacrifice costs for style and quality. We might be a little biased, but it’s true!  Many of our customers find their perfect match in our under $100 bridal collection. 

Finally, practice makes perfect! Once you have your shoes in hand, wear them at a least once or twice.  Wear them around the house to break them in so by the time your wedding day rolls around, feet and shoes will be well acquainted. 

Next to the groom, wedding shoes are a bride’s most important accessory!  Be sure to find the right pair!



Kailee P.


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